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Majestic Tang Peony Earrings -Silver with Lapis

Majestic Tang Peony Earrings -Silver with Lapis

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Enjoy the excellence of China's Golden Age with the all-new Golden Tang Peony Jewelry Collection! Hand-picked Carnelian and Agate gemstones serenely glow atop the rich luster of a silver canvas, perfectly capturing the peace and prosperity brought about by the Tang Dynasty.

Each earring features a famous symbol of beauty during the Tang Dynasty: the Peony flower. This "Queen of Flowers" is woven into the silver on each jewelry piece, enhancing your style no matter where you go!

• Size: 16.25mm x 26.25mm
• Lapis: 2 pcs, 6mm x 6mm
• Rhodium plated sterling silver
• White Sapphire: 2 pcs, 2.5mm

Made in Thailand

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