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In a Miao Village Scarf

In a Miao Village Scarf

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Wear the lively loving energy of the Miao ethnic group with our silk scarf.

The jingling of the silver chimes and the drumbeats of joy echo through the valley as the cheerful ladies of the Miao paint the hills of Southern China with their dazzlingly colorful outfits.

Inspired by the Shen Yun piece In the Miao Village, this silk scarf intricately portrays the traditional attire of a Miao lady. Being one of the oldest ethnic groups in China, the ladies of the Miao are known to hand make all pieces of their outfits, from elaborate headpieces and jingling silver jewelry to wide-collared blouses and traditional pleated skirts.

The heavily emphasized silver ornaments indicate one's social status and are also believed to drive away evil spirits, bringing peace and good fortune.

The traditional Miao skirts consist of thick layers of heavy fabric with fine stitches of bright brocades and delicate embroidery. The playful combinations of bold, contrasting colors seen in the Miao attire serve as a testament to the lively spirits of the ethnic group.

Let the everlasting joy of the Miao stay near you with our colorful and inspiring scarf.

  • 100% silk charmeuse
  • 36" x 36"
  • Dry clean only

Made in Korea

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