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Scholar Pen - Green

Scholar Pen - Green

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They say the pen is mightier than the sword—these pens include a sword. This first Shen Yun pen series was inspired by the story of the great general Han Xin, who lived over two thousand years ago. In his youth, Han Xin practiced martial arts and carried a sword, reflected in the design of the pen’s clip. One day, a bully challenged him to a fight, but Han Xin took the high road of tolerance. He was destined for greatness, and his breadth of mind was his most powerful strength.

• 5 1/2" x 0.5"
• Silver finish
• Black ink
• G2 Standard pen refill
• Twist action
• Gift boxed

Made in Taiwan

Note: To change the ink cartridge, twist open the body of the pen and pull out the old cartridge. Remove the spring from the old cartridge and replace it into the new with the smaller end of the spring on top. Insert the ink cartridge into the lower half of the body, and then replace the top and twist to close.

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